IBM LinuxONE Powers Critical Applications

LinuxONE - A Greener Option

LinuxONE is a Greener Solution

Consolidate dozens of power-hungry, under-utilized x86 servers into a single, high-performance, high-efficency, secure platform.

Less power, smaller footprint, easier management, more secure…all on the Linux distribution of your choice.

For old equipment SMI can de-install, move, recycle and/or resell for maximum value…with all required, current certifications.

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Note:  Preliminary sizing estimates are done remotely with an informal, introductory call.

LinuxONE Powers Critical Applications

IBM’s LinuxONE powers critical applications including Oracle Database. LinuxONE’s superfast 4.5 GHz CPUs run in a mainframe-class integrated system, optimized to get the most out of every processing core.  Dedicated, non-application-licensed cores handle I/O and other secondary tasks, freeing the licensed cores to concentrate solely on the application.  Result – fewer licenses needed.

Encryption runs on logic embedded in the processor chip, providing system wide security with near-zero impact on system performance.  Similarly, compression is provided by an on-chip co-processor, reducing storage requirements while adding minimal overhead.

High-availability is inherent to LinuxONE, due to features like seamless, invisible failover to spare CPU cores, and RAIM (redundant array of independent memory), and complete power redundancy.   LinuxONE is designed to provide 99.9999% or greater availability.

LinuxONE can be a powerful, efficient platform for consolidating sprawling x86 farms, simplifying datacenter operations and controlling costs.  It adds security and better storage management…all while retaining the familiarity and simplicity of Linux.

Key benefits of LinuxONE:

  • Ultimate uptime – Downtime is virtually eliminated.
  • Mainframe-grade processors on a Linux Platform – consolidate hundreds of x86 cores onto a single platform while staying on the Linux flavor of your choice.
  • Hardware Data Compression – Accelerating performance and reducing storage requirements.
  • Data Security – Pervasive encryption means applications and data all in one end-to-end, “everywhere-encrypted” system.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Scalability – Expand and grow seamlessly.
  • Cost – Application licensing costs may be substantially reduced by running on fewer, more powerful and efficient cores.

The benefits of a mainframe-caliber system – performance, security, scalability – no longer require managing a closed, proprietary OS. LinuxONE can integrate into your current Linux environment with little to no disruption.

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LinuxONE vs. Exadata for Oracle Database

LinuxONE vastly outperforms all x86 based systems, including engineered systems

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