Oracle Database Thrives on IBM LinuxONE

IBM's LinuxONE versus Exadata

IBM’s LinuxONE versus Exadata.  With the addition of multiple large users including Zoom and Nissan’s HPC design operation, Oracle’s Cloud Service has made substantial gains in market share.  Oracle database users considering migration to Oracle Cloud should also address their on-premise infrastructure.  As on-premise database loads fluctuate and possibly decrease long term, a powerful, general-purpose system could be a better option than a proprietary appliance like Exadata.  LinuxONE can provide that needed flexibility, while increasing performance and efficiency, and decreasing total cost of ownership


When planning to upgrade your Oracle database infrastructure platform – e.g. with Exadata or an x86 farm – consider IBM’s LinuxONE as an option.

LinuxONE delivers the same or better performance as a closed, proprietary database system without being “locked in” to an expensive, single-purpose appliance.

LinuxONE adds important, valuable features:

  • Option to migrate to or add an instance of different database (e.g. Mongo) without change of hardware platform
  • Run non-database applications in the same system, enhancing performance, security, and reliability
  • Scalability – Recent model introductions can fit start-ups up to the largest enterprises, with seamless growth options, all in the same footprint
  • Economy – Consolidate hundreds of x86 cores onto a single platform, Simplifying management while reducing licensing costs.

Compared to an x86 sever farm LinuxONE offers:

  • Superior performance
  • Simplified management
  • Higher availability

LinuxONE is a mainframe class IBM z-system that runs Linux instead of IBM’s z/OS. It provides many of the benefits mainframe users get without the cost or skill set required to run z/OS.  Experience unrivaled performance, stability, security and flexibility.

Plus, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be less.

Note:  Preliminary sizing estimates are done remotely with an informal, introductory call.

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LinuxONE vastly outperforms all x86 based systems, including engineered systems

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