Oracle Database thrives on IBM LinuxONE

A compelling alternative to Exadata.

When planning to upgrade your Oracle database infrastructure platform – e.g. with Exadata – you should consider IBM’s LinuxONE as an option.

LinuxONE delivers the same or better performance as a closed, proprietary database system without being “locked in” to an expensive, single-purpose appliance.  And LinuxONE adds important, valuable added features:

  • Option to migrate to or add an instance of different database (e.g. Mongo) without change of hardware platform
  • Run non-database applications in the same system, enhancing performance, security, and reliability
  • Scalability – Recent model introductions can fit start-ups up to the largest enterprises, with seamless growth options, all in the same footprint
  • Economy – Consolidate hundreds of x86 cores onto a single platform, Simplifying management while reducing licensing costs.

LinuxONE is a mainframe class IBM z-system that runs Linux instead of IBM’s z/OS. It provides many of the benefits mainframe users get without the cost or skill set required to run z/OS.  Experience unrivaled performance, stability, security and flexibility.

Note:  Preliminary sizing estimates can be done remotely with an informal, introductory call.

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