Oracle SE Database Recovery Without A Time Consuming Restoration

Real-time automated fail-over to your DR site for Oracle Standard Edition

Oracle Database users can leverage Dbvisit, a 3rd party, Oracle Certified Application available to run with Standard Edition, to save licensing costs and/or enhance recovery capability in several ways.

  1. If you are using Oracle Database Enterprise Edition versus Standard Edition primarily for Data Guard, the equivalent functionality is available with Dbvisit at a fraction of the SE to Enterprise uplift cost.
  2. If you are using Oracle Standard Edition and want the benefit of real-time database failover in the event of an outage, Dbvisit is an option with far less budget impact than upgrading to Enterprise Edition.

For more detail – – we’re available to set up a demo.

Thousands of Oracle Standard Edition users, from SMB to Enterprise, are using Dbvisit today to enhance database recovery without the cost of moving to Oracle Enterprise Edition.

Contact us to learn more.  SMI is an Authorized Business Partner of both Oracle and Dbvisit.