Oracle Training and Education

SMI is an authorized reseller of Oracle Education.

If your organization is using Oracle training of any kind – whether it be applications, database, systems, cloud…any Oracle product…it’s worth looking at their new subscription model as it could mean substantially increased value.

Subscriptions are essentially bundles of courses geared around a particular general topic.  For example a subscription could be for SaaS, Finance, Cloud Management etc.  There are multiple benefits:

  • Cost – Subscriptions contain multiple classes which on their own could be $2-3K each.  The subscription may only be $3-5K
  • Flexible Access – Subscriptions run for 12 months and access is 24/7, including Q&A with Oracle experts.
  • Updated content delivered as produced throughout a 12 month subscription

To introduce the concept, Oracle is also including some introductory, free training modules within subscriptions.  This is real training, can be accessed by anyone, and earns an Oracle Badge.

As an authorized partner of multiple OEMs, SMI offers the same training classes you would receive from those providers – same class, instructors, times…often with more flexibility and a greater discount.  Whether it be Oracle*, IBM, RedHat, or one of the other OEMs we partner with, we can help get you the most value for your training spend.

* For example, in the case of Oracle we can now quote packages of flexible credits, to be used for any class, any employee, at the time of your choosing. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding training or anything else.  We’re here to help!

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Oracle Subscription Datasheets

Database Training Subscriptions

Cloud Infrastructure Training Subscriptions

Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Important note:  The word “cloud” is often used interchangeably (and somewhat confusingly) when describing training around “Oracle Cloud” itself, and training that is virtual (in the “cloud”).  The subscription program covers all training, including applications, middleware, OS, on-premise infrastructure…and yes, some is for Oracle Cloud.  For now almost all training is virtual