IBM Storage

Powerful, scalable, affordable, and cloud-ready

IBM Storage – Performance, Scalability, Value

IBM’s FlashSystem storage portfolio is scalable from the entry-level 5000 through the enterprise grade 9500.

Every system is driven by the powerful IBM Spectrum Virtualize software package

Entry-Level Workloads

Flash, SAS, Hybrid

IBM FlashSystem® 5000 all-flash and hybrid flash storage simplifies data delivery with enterprise-class data services that achieve the best balance of performance and affordability for entry workloads.

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Compact Performance


IBM FlashSystem® 5200 offers the affordability, performance, data protection, scalability and management simplicity for your enterprise needs, in one compact powerful flash storage solution. This solution provides a wide range of enterprise-grade features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize that can easily evolve and extend as businesses grow.

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Flash, SAS, Hybrid

IBM FlashSystem® 7300 provides feature-rich, enterprise-grade storage solutions that help support crucial workloads and apps. IBM FlashSystem 7300 offers end-to-end NVMe, IBM FlashCore® technology, the ultralow latency of storage class memory (SCM), and much more.

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Enterprise Scale, Tiered

Flash, SAS, Hybrid

IBM FlashSystem® 9500 combines the performance of flash and end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology, so you can easily add in the hybrid cloud solutions that best support your most critical demands.

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Flash Storage

Meet your high-performance storage requirements with affordable, industry-leading technology backed by guarantees covering flash performance, endurance and compression.

Hybrid Storage Arrays

Control costs with an optimized mix of storage media at an affordable price. With nearly unlimited hybrid configuration options, you can tailor a system to your specific needs.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Manage data growth and enable multicloud initiatives with file, block and object solutions to modernize your infrastructure and support next-generation applications.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Capitalize on enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration with intelligent SAN switches, directors and routers to connect servers and storage systems.

Data Protection Software

Protect your critical business data with an integrated approach to backup and disaster recovery featuring quick installation, easy management and rapid data recovery.

Tape Storage

Improve data economics with tape storage solutions from the global market leader, including drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which makes tape as easy to use as disk.