Vapor and Liquid Loop Cooling

The Fujitsu SPARC M12 uses it to Maximize Performance

The Fujitsu SPARC M12’s Vapor and Liquid Loop Cooling (VLLC) is an often underappreciated feature of these innovative servers.

The M10 introduced Liquid Loop Cooling (LLC), using a sealed, leak-proof conduit to deliver liquid directly to the locations of system board components. Similar to an automobile cooling system, the liquid is then routed to a bank of fans to be cooled. Standard servers rely on a bank of fans blowing air through the box, which inevitably allows “hot spots” to develop.  LLC brings as much cooling as necessary directly to where it’s needed.  This technology not only helped the M10 achieve a remarkably low failure rate, it significantly enhanced performance by eliminating the need to place fans near heat sources, allowing components to be positioned where they would be most effective. For example, paths between RAM, CPU, and I/O could be shortened and optimized.

VLLC takes it a step further. Rather than being simply heated, the liquid is vaporized as it passes heat sources. The evaporation process absorbs 2-3x the energy of heat absorption, creating additional efficiency and cooling . The liquid is then cycled to a condensing system rather than a simple fan array.

Liquid Cooling Progression
What are the benefits?

  • Reliability – Better, more consistent cooling significantly reduces failure rate
  • Performance – The M12’s already impressive architecture and engineering are further optimized, resulting in the most advanced system in the industry
  • Space utilization – VLLC allows for greater computing density, both within the M12 itself and in the datacenter as a whole, as more systems can occupy a smaller space.

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