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Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Data sprawls across regional offices, remote employees, SaaS applications and IoT devices, and will continue to spread.  In additon many new and existing workloads are deplayed to the cloud.  Data security and regulatory compliance across all locations are growing challenges as most current on-premises data protection solutions are unable to cost-effectively scale.

In response, organizations commonly deploy multiple security solutions, a model that complicates and delays backup and recovery, and strains IT resources.  Maintaining this complexity on aging on-premises infrastructure has become an increasing burden and, more importantly, dangreously unreliable.

A Cloud-Native backup/restore solution can not only protect data, it can optimize resources and investment

Forrester Names Druva a Leader in New Wave of Saas Application Data Protection

Gartner Feedback Around Druva

Druva data resiliency addresses these issues and more with an array of features and tools:

  • Cyber resiliency and ransomware protection
  • Cloud migration/implementation (AWS, Office365, Azure)
  • Data center consolidation
  • Business continuity for branch offices
  • Simplify Backup and DR – cost and complexity

    Druva provides a SaaS platform for data protection and governance of data centers, SaaS applications, endpoints and AWS databases. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) native technologies, Druva strengthens business resilience by centralizing global data into a single data lake, erasing the need for hardware and software for data protection.

    Druva reduces costs by:

    • Storing all data on durable Amazon Simple Storage System (Amazon S3)
    • Tying a consumption based license model to the amount of Amazon S3 storage consumed
    • Automatically moving data onto Amazon S3
    • Glacier Deep Archive for cost-effective long-term retention of data

    Druva data resiliency – ask us about a demo and/or trial.  Druva installs within 15 minutes (or if you prefer we can remotely deploy on your behalf). Designed for radical simplicity, all it takes to get started is a web browser,and 5 minutes of training to be up and productive.

    SMI is an Authorized Business Partner of Druva.